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OH hey it’s been awhile TIGers! We’re right in the thick of festival season and I’ll be your guide for all things CHBP. It’s finally Summer again, I think? So here’s my annual reminder to STAY HYDRATED KIDS, and don’t forget to sunscreen up while you’re out there broiling on Pike street. Without further ado, here are TIG’s Official Block Party recommendations you do not want to miss. 



Red Ribbon | 7:00pm | Neumos

YEA HI, I don’t know who needs to hear this but if you’ve been sleeping on local band Red Ribbon, it’s time to WISE UP DUMMY. Red Ribbon’s dark, spooky pop will reel you in with richly haunting guitar tones and downright gorgeous dissonant harmonies. Plus there’s even a flute in there. YA CAN’T GO WRONG. 


Mitski | 7:30pm | Main

Mitski’s 2018 album Be The Cowboy, hit a ton of Album of the Year Lists including Pitchfork and Consequence of Sound. Her summery pop will have you swaying along to disco flavored dance beats.


Bearaxe | 9:30pm | Neumos

I’ve been hearing whispers for ages about singer Shaina Shepard giving it her all in every single live show local act Bearaxe performs. Her spunky vocal stylings are beyond compare, bringing a full bodied glint to the soulful garage-rock put forth by her bandmates. If this live video is any indication, I have been missing out for too long!




Tres Leches | 6:30pm | Neumos

Tres Leches is the kind of band who will continually surprise you through the course of one set. They’re poppy, they’re post punky, and they’ve got the raw grit that’s been missing from your weekend. Grab a drink and get ready to dance right into your neighbor, cause this set will leave you sweaty and smiling. 


The Spider Ferns | 8:45pm | Barboza

If Kate Bush turned full goth and wandered in for a performance at the Roadhouse, you’d get a taste of what The Spider Ferns are like live. Get your butt down to the cold basement of Barboza and shake all your feelings out until they escape into the shadows. 


Lizzo | 10:30pm | Main

Are you ready to celebrate self-love with dance moves to die for, sass up the ass, and maybe a flute solo so astounding that it will LIGHT SHIT ON FIRE? If Lizzo isn’t your number one reason for going to block party, then I don’t even know you anymore.



Actors | 5:00pm | Vera

For fans of NY dance rock from the early aughts, I highly recommend ACTORS from Vancouver, BC. Their Interpol-esk sound pairs nicely with driving new-wave synths, and makes for an energetic live set.


Yves Tumor | 7:30pm | Vera

Yves Tumor’s recent record Safe in the Hands of Love, is experimental electronic music at it’s finest. Lilting from scratching textural chaos, to R&B and pop there’s no doubt that this set will be something to see. 


Breaks and Swells | 10:15pm | Neumos

Do you need some saxophone in your life? OF COURSE YOU DO. Head over to catch Breaks and Swells break it down for you with some funky soul grooves your body won’t even be able to handle. 


Tickets are still available now over at See you out there in the streets!