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{photo by Fnarf}

I am beyond honored to be join Rachel Flotard (Visqueen, Fretboard Journal, lady about town) and Lyall Bush (Executive Director of the Northwest Film Forum), along with host Steve Scher on KUOW's Weekday program TODAY around 10.40am.

We are all going to sit around the preverbal water cooler and chat about about a few of the topics making the rounds. The topics are subject to change at a moment's notice – but it looks like we might gab about the Grammys, George W. Bush's hidden painting talent and the state of the film industry.

Fill your mug with something warm and join the convo!  It starts at 10.40am today (TUESDAY 2/12) on / 94.9fm.

This chat room segment was recently been made famous by recent participants  Sir Mixalot and John Roderick who spent their "chat room" time talking about the gun buyback program here in Seattle (and a couple other lighter subjects like the Super Bowl and Macklemore's success).  You can listen to their the segment on the KUOW website, it starts about 36 minutes in.