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Imaginary Dana and I are beside ourselves with nervous, yet very giddy, excitment about getting to hang out with none other than Luke Burbank, Jen Andrews and Sean DeTore on the extremely funny and wonderful radio show Too Beautiful To Live (TBTL) – which you can easily find on the FM dial at 97.3 (KIRO) – TONIGHT at 9p.

If you are going to be at the theater tonight or otherwise away from radiowaves, TBTL is lightening quick at podcasting and a podcast of tonight’s show should be available on iTunes (for free) tomorrow morning.

Listen in and comment on the evening’s TBTL open thread with any comments you’ve got on whatever it is we’ll be discussing… which might include something that is AwesomeNotAwesome, Bumbershoot, music, or aardvark -related.

Are there any questions we should ask *them* while we’ve got them fairly trapped in a fairly small room?