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StornowayI am so defenseless against Stornoway's misty melodic tales of yearning tinged with proper British folk, most specifically the songs "Zorbing" and "Long-Distance Lullaby," that the debut release from Oxford band made my Best of 2010 list.

On March 19, 2013, Stornoway will release their second album, Tales From Terra Firma.  There's a single making it's way around the internet, "Knock Me On The Head" (video below) that confirms my suspicions that they've upped the ante in the arrangements department this time around. There's a symphonic John Denver feel to their pop melodies this time around that make it a perfect accompaniment to my daily dose of earl grey tea.

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{2013 has barely started and I've already put tougher my nearly probably very likely official Top 10 Favorite Releases for 2013, even though I've actually only heard a couple albums on the list… that's how good I know these albums are going to be. Over the course of 10 days I'll countdown these probably very likely AMAZING releases that make up my very likely possibly concrete list of my favorite albums of 2013! You can follow along with this link.}

PS – And because I just re-listened to this several times over… here's "Long-Distance Lullaby" from their debut album.