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Princeton show this Sunday!

Times are so exciting! We have the Matt and Kim show this Saturday, and then Sunday, Three Imaginary Girls is proud to sponsor a fine show of local bands and a fine indie-pop band coming all the way from Los Angeles at the Comet Tavern!

Three Imaginary Girls presents:

Princeton {from LA}
Manos De Plata
Travis {Turn Ons}

{Sunday, June 15th – Comet Tavern – 9p – 21+}

I've really been looking forward to seeing Princeton ever since I first heard their Bloomsbury EP (released earlier this year) and I was hooked on their sweet, pop melodies and tender, coy harmonies. Like a little Kinks with your Belle & Sebastian? Then I expect to see you at the Comet next to me this Sunday.

You might have seen them when they opened for Vampire Weekend on some of VW's tour dates or read about them on some blogospheres' favorite lists, but in case you haven't crossed paths with them, visit the Princeton MySpace page to hear the EP.