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Are you ready for the Noise for the Needy fest? It kicks off Wednesday, June 11th and we're excited for every one of the shows… but the one that we're particularly deliriously happy about (and proud to be sponsoring) is the Matt and Kim show this Saturday at Neumos. It's all ages, it's a bill packed with outrageously fun bands, and all proceeds from the show go to benefit Urban Rest Stop (which provides a clean safe place for the homeless to get things sorted).

The bill is killer from the get go:

Matt & Kim
No-fi Soul Rebellion
Feral Children

{June 14th – all ages – doors at 9p – Neumos}

We'd love to have you there to join us and have two pairs of tickets to giveaway to a couple lucky imaginary folks!

Email us at tig @ with the subject line "MattKimTix" before 12p on Thursday, June 12th and you'll be entered to win.

{Psst — Make sure you include your real first and last name in the body of the email, if your email address is something like [email protected] or [email protected]. Many thank yous!}

Need more convincing to get your friends to join you at the show? (Believe you me, they'll thank you for it by the end of the night.)

Let me tell you about how I've been a disciple of the Matt & Kim movement since I saw them live a year or so ago at Chop Suey. By the end of the first song, the place was flush with dancing and heartfelt smiles plastered on the faces of stoic hipsters as Matt & Kim as wielded their charms of infectious energy and feverish friendliness.

By the time they left the stage, they had turned the vibe of Chop Suey from a stranger-filled fashionista scene into a slumber party with old friends. Since then, I've seen them a number of times and, it's confirmed, each Matt & Kim show is better than time with your therapist or coffee with your favorite girlfriends.

Given my affection for M&K, it's no surprise that stalked / convinced them to sit down with me at SXSW2008 to talk about the new album and play with legos. Surprise, surprise, they were amazingly nice in person and hilarious (esp the Eddie Vedder part). And, since they asked, does anyone have any good names for their next album?

Watch the video of the interview.
(Thanks to the folks at Groupee for hosting the video and taping it!)

Want a little taste of what the evening will be like? Behold, here's video of them at SXSW this year – they were the last show of the fest, and this was the last song. I tear up rewatching it — it's so ruling: