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Liz was on Seattle's Worst Podcast.

The fellas at Seattle’s Worst Podcast recently invited me to their garage to be a part of their latest episode!!! If the episode title doesn’t give it away, we had an absurdly fun chat. We talked about real estate, Seattle stuff, aaaanndddd a possible activity to try out when my mom visits Seattle this week.

You can listen to it right now via iTunes, Spotify, or however you happily consume podcasts:

  • PodBean – this link includes a super handy episode guide
  • iTunes – while you’re there, subscribe and/or  leave a review (after you enjoy the episode of course)
  • Spotify – OMG! My voice is on Spotify!

This is my second time visiting the SWP garage (lucky me!!!). If you missed my first visit, which centers around some funny, some embarrassing, behind the scenes stories of Three Imaginary Girls. I think there might be some stories I tell there that you haven’t heard yet. All the notes / listen links are here.

Liz was on Seattle's Worst Podcast.