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Having a favorite band is one of the best things in the world. The music and materials spawned by a favorite band are a reliable go-to for the mending of a tired heart or a sad face. The only drawback to being one of our kind (the type to fall hopelessly in love with a band and everything they do) is that – usually without notice – one’s favorite band will break up.

A band break up (usually) means no more new music, no more shows, no more videos, no more band interviews to read, no new lyrics to quote; basically, total sorrow.

I love our Seattle music community’s ability to recognize the need to fill the holes in each band-loving person’s heart – with a tribute show. Seattle has hosted some killer tribute nights, like KEXP’s All-Stars doing The Stooges atop the Pike Place Market roof and their 80’s Ladies night a few years back. Is it too cheeky to mention our Liz Phair and Magnetic Fields and New Wave tribute nights from way back?

This year’s recommended tribute night – and evening of music you should not miss – is the annual Seattle’s Tribute to the Last Waltz. This year’s installment is Friday, November 24, 2017 at the Neptune Theatre.

The night pays tribute to The Band’s farewell concert, The Last Waltz with all proceeds from the event going to Northwest Harvest – a nonprofit aimed at providing nutritious food to hungry people throughout Washington with a network of more than 375 food banks and meal programs.

The list of 25+ brilliant Pacific Northwest musicians who will be a part of this year’s show is so massive and so stunning, it’s on the verge of obscene. But, that’s what it takes to pay tribute to such a  swaggering and poignant band and such a legendary show.

All of these musicians will be in one (very pretty) room, performing magnificent songs:

  • Ryan Devlin & Kim West (Smokey Brights)
  • Joel Schneider (My Goodness)
  • Ethan Anderson (Massy Ferguson)
  • Hamilton Boyce, Trevor Pendras & Gus Clark (Country Lips)
  • Danny Newcomb (The Sugarmakers)
  • Kye Alfred Hillig
  • Billy Joe Huels (the Dusty 45s)
  • Robbie Christmas
  • Fredd Luongo (The Swearengens)
  • Shasta Bree
  • Matt Gervais (Mikey & Matty)
  • Anthony Briscoe (Down North)
  • Sean Clavere, Katie Sweeney (The Ramblin’ Years)
  • Stephanie Anne Johnson (of NBC’s The Voice)
  • Annie Jantzer (of Seattle Rock Orchestra)
  • Nick Foster (Nick Foster Band)
  • Eric Martin (Fast Nasties)
  • Pete Jordan (Cloud Person)
  • Emily McVicker
  • Norman Baker (Norman Baker & The Backroads)
  • Michele Khazak
  • Geoffrey Castle
  • Jason Lackie (Fastback Studios)
  • Danny Oleson (Exohxo)
  • Nick Jones
  • Christopher Michael Meyer (OurDeadFathers)

The evening is a beautiful tradition for a wonderful cause. Let’s all go and mend our tired hearts.

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