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You might already know this, but there are a ton of reasons I’ve fallen in love with Los Campesinos (and why I’ve been counting down to their show at Neumos this Saturday).

The list includes adoration for their spiffy lyrical twists; the cute, heart on sleeve aesthetic; coy, tongue in cheek videos; amazing b-side cover song choices; concussions of indie pop layered with kiddy chimes, keyboards and sonic youth guitar dissonance.

Can imagine the joyous giddiness if I were ever actually able to interview the fellows behind one of my favorite albums of the year? More than that, what if I had the opportunity to interview them in the hotel hottub?!?

It might sound juicier than it is (you can judge for yourself), but below is a video of my interview with the male members of Los Campesinos when I caught up with them in Austin at SXSW 2008… in a hottub. (if you can’t view the video, click here)


Yea, it was all pretty exciting and wonderful. Just ignore any nervousness that might stem from the fact that only my slightly sweaty right hand grip was preventing a piece of electrical handheld equipment from falling into warm pool of water hosting one of my favorite bands and myself. (and thanks to Groupee for taping the interview)

If the interview isn’t your speed of fandom, watch this video on repeat between now and Saturday night. That’s when Los Campesinos will be at Neumos for an all-ages night of wonderful indie-pop mayhem. I’ll see you there… up front?