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Photo: Hot Avocados

This weekend was full of things to do. As we reported earlier, there was a bunch of fun to be had at the EMP

There was bunches of fun to be had at EMP (was it Exhibitchin’?), the Northwest Film Forum (Herb and Dorothy), Top Pot Doughnuts (indie rock + dough + nuts = NUM!), and all the clubs were full of worthy ways of a band ilk.

I had a wonderful weekend of outdoors activities topped off with a visit with Black Francis (more to come on that) with a gaggle of imaginaries.

What did you do (besides procure your tickets to see the Pixies in November)?

What’s on the plate for this week? I know that more than a handful of us imaginary-types are counting down to tonight’s Trashcan Sinatras show at the Triple Door, Stellastarr* at Chop Suey tomorrow, Unbunny on Wednesday, The Drug Purse on Thursday and the BOAT / Nightgowns / Peacock & Lebeau / Special Places show at the Sunset on Friday.

(photo: Hot Avocados)