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The Dodos-The Space Needle Is A High Hat

What a nice calm mild weekend… how perfect for a total DOE BAY weekend! Who journey’d up there? How was it? The line-up was impeccable and the fest sold out. Tell us all!

Or were you like our Photographer of the Day {thanks for the photo jody-rodgers!} and kick it Seattle style at the Seattle Center Mural Amphitheatre for some free KEXP action with the Dodos and Army Navy?

Spill it people!

What about the week ahead? What are you looking forward to? I heard it’s going to start warming up again — just in time for a busy week with a Cave Singers in-store {Easy Street – Queen Anne} on Tuesday and a Thursday night with so many choices it makes my head spin:

  • – Kids & Animals/Steel For Scenery/Shotty, Skylark
  • – Pablo Trucker/Conservative Dad {ep release}/Barton Carroll, Sunset
  • – “Love No Love NW Compilation Release” – Your Heart Breaks/Gina Young/Carrie Cark & The Lonesome Lovers/Pufferfish/Sage Redman/Andrea Wittgens/Central Services, Triple Door*
  • – Fruit Bats/Johnny & The Moon/Palmer Electric Co., Crocodile !
  • – Yirim Seck {album release}/The Physics/Fresh Espresso/La Rue/DJ WD4D, Chop Suey*
  • – Japanther/The Pine Hill Haints/TacocaT/Strong Killings, Mini Mart City Park {7pm}*
    {Where is the Mini Mart City Park?}