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As if there wasn’t enough amazing stuff going on on this day (Record Store Day mayhem and Math and Physics Club to play an early show at the High Dive), let’s top off the big day at the Northwest Film Forum with The Mountain Goats: Life of the World to Come.

This showing celebrates the DVD release of the film in which MG frontman John Darnielle returns to Pomona College–where he performed Bach minuets as an 8-year-old piano student.  In The Life Of The World To Come, John plays last year’s Bible-based concept record of the same name in solo and duet performances.

To say the film an intimate portrait of a Mountain Goats show is an understatement. The release is a one-take performance to an empty auditorium with probing in the round camera angles and the lo-fi signature of early Shrimper-era Mountain Goats recordings. The performance features just John (on either piano or acoustic guitar) with Rachel and the haunting echo of these bible-verse inspired songs from the critically acclaimed 2009 album.

As the preview eloquently states, “It’s a simple, unfussy document of one of our greatest living songwriters wrestling with his faith through gorgeous music.”

There is just one showing of the film at the Northwest Film Forum: Saturday, April 17 at 9:30p.