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I've been looking forward to this Sunday's show at the Sunset for months. It's going to be a rare opportunity to see a couple bands from far away that have stellar recent indie-pop releases.

With the Hepburms being from Wales and Anthony Rochester from Tasmania, Australia, I never thought either band would make it to our fair city (since niether of them have ever toured the US before)… but huzzah, they'll be here in a couple days!

Here's a little info about The Hepburns
The Hepburns (Wales) make pearly pop in the best UK tradition, albeit skewed sideways by cinematic caprices and the elliptical narratives that songwriter Matt Jones tosses off with all the playfulness of the Lucksmiths and wit of Momus, though pretty much sans any pretensions.  Their organ and vibraphone riff-laden guitar-pop is British pastoralism at its most exotic–or is that British exotica at its most pastoral?  Further reference points:  The Monochrome Set, The Smiths, The Specials, Jake Thackray.  The erstwhile Cherry Red artists released their third album, "Something Worth Stealing," on November 6th.  More info here and here.

Go listen!
My Brother the Submariner (from Where the Missing Words Live) full.mp3
Writer Friend (from How the Fallen are Mighty) full.mp3

Anthony Rochester makes sweet librarian electro-pop
Tasmanian multi-instrumentalist Anthony Rochester is the librarian's delight:  smart, bookish, bespectacled pop meets funky basslines a la 1960s France (think Serge Gainsbourg or, more recently, Bertrand Burgalat), exquisite layerings of guitars, organs, synths, strings, a flute here, an off-kilter recorder there.  Anthony spells D-I-Y with a P-A-N-A-C-H-E.  Reference points: Komeda, Eno circa "Another Green World," Shuggie Otis, Stereolab.  More info here and here.

Watch Anthony in action. Here's a sweet sweet video for I Love You Baby"