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Happy Thursday! We’re only a few days away from TIG’s NEW WAVE NIGHT, which means it’s time to introduce you to another one of our exceptional vocalists.

Ya hi, can we talk for a sec about TOTALLY QUAL musician Kurt Bloch? Of all the performers in this city, this dude probably wins the “member of the most bands ever” award. Kurt got his start back in ’79 on guitar with punky poppers The Fastbacks , who eventually got signed to Sub Pop and watched as the grungesplosion started to take off around them. They had more hits than you could shake a stick at! WHAT? I don’t know where that saying comes from but The Fastbacks became LOVED THE WORLD OVER.

Kurt has also rocked with The Young Fresh Fellows,  The Beltholes, supergroup Filthy Friends (Corin Tucker, Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey,) and my personal favorite Seattle band of all time, FULL TOILET.

This Seattle institution never takes a breather, and he’s got a 45 coming out soon from another one of his supergroups, Thee Sgt Major III (Leslie Beattie, Bill Coury, Jim Sangster, Michael Musburger.) Their live shows are a rock fueled blast from outer space!

Check out Kurt’s newest project The Yes Masters, who just had their very first show a few weeks ago! They’ll be at the Airport Tavern in Tacoma on September 6th.

Oh, and did I mention he’s also recorded like A MILLION Seattle bands? Watch this mini doc the Seattle Channel did on him a few years back.

WANNA HEAR MORE KB? Join us at New Wave Night THIS SUNDAY! Kurt is gonna sing a few tunes and BRING THE HOUSE DOWNNNN.

New Wave Night - 2018! Three Imaginary Girls' party celebrating 16 years as Seattle's indie-pop press. Join us June 17, 2018 at Chop Suey!!!