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Ack! Browsing my MySpace bulletins (after sorting through the $600 “free Macy’s gift cards” in our inbox, thanks spammers), I saw an announcement from Seattle band and TIG faves Shorthand for Epic called “PLEASE READ – IMPORTANT.”

The message details why you need to see their show at the High Dive on October 13th… but it’s reason #4 that’s most compelling:

Last, but definitely not least, it will be our current bass player Larry’s last show with the band. It is also, as we found out last night, our current drummer Stormi’s last show with the band. As such, we will be going on hiatus for a while to recharge our batteries and figure out how to recalibrate the beast that is SFE. So this will be your last chance to see us play for an indeterminate length of time. Get it while the getting’s good.

Sorry the show is not all-ages, this was kind of sudden.

Sadness!!! Here’s hoping SFE can pull together a new rhythm section and continue to rock us, very soon!

PS ~ The October 13th show also features Ms Led and the Ruby Doe — quite the hard-hitting stellar local lineup!