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Earlier this year I caught a few funky fuzzed out songs on KEXP, immediately checking the playlist and wondering what IS THIS?!? It was turkish psych rock out of the Netherlands of course! Listening to Altin Gün sounds like you’re getting away with something. Maybe in a ’70s film full of car chases and intrigue. The tones on every instrument are mouthwateringly good and it makes you feel like you might be high even when you’re not. It makes me want to drive out into the desert in a Cadillac and get into hijinks Thelma and Louise style. For lovers of early Tame Impala, spaghetti westerns, and funk, you HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT.

From the sound of their in-studios, this set will be fantastic and I am ready to dance away this gray!! Altin Gün plays Neumos Monday, October 14th. The show is 21+ and tickets are still available at

Photo from Facebook