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Saundrah Humphrey of Bad Dream Good BreakfastSaundrah Humphrey has long been a pal to all those imaginary. Her lovely violin playing has been an integral part to many local Seattle bands, most notably imaginary favorites Math & Physics Club, and also more recently with Blue Checkered Record Player and Bad Dream Good Breakfast. Saundrah and I also share a love of all things Soft Rock, and because of this hosted a joint Yacht Rock birthday party last July (she's a Cancer, I'm a Leo). Ah, memories…

Sadly, Saundrah is — right now, as I type this — flying off to Denmark, to be with her sweet new husband, Bjorn. While we're thrilled for her, we're very sad for all the music fans in Seattle.

Before Saundrah left, she played a final show with Bad Dream Good Breakfast; many of Saundrah's pals and fans gathered at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard to hear the band and say bon voyage. This was my second Bad Dream Good Breakfast show, and much like the first time, I was impressed by the myraid of intruments onstage, with the orchestral section used to augment their unique brand of pop songs.

Bad Dream Good Breakfast

Bad Dream Good Breakfast

But mostly the night was about pals, and saying goodbye, a bittersweet show for sure.

Saundrah, you will be very, very missed!!!

Saundrah and Dana