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Seattle Public Library Playback - Seattle Music Initiative

Another reason to LOVE Seattle + our wonderful public library + the Seattle music scene: The Seattle Public Library recently launched the second round of their PlayBack initiative! NOW the amount of amazing local music at your fingertips (For FREE) has doubled – from 50 to 100 albums.

As with the first round of Playback releases shared late last year, I was honored to be on the judging panel for Seattle Public Library’s PlayBack project alongside Tim Lennon, Sharlese Metcalf, Jonathan Zwickel, and a bunch of awesome library staff – Kreg Hasegawa, Abby Bass, Cameron McCracken, and Kathleen Morley.

For those who haven’t dug into PlayBack yet, this valuable initiative is…

…an online collection that showcases and shares current local music for free. Seattle’s musical culture is known for its originality, passion and creativity, as our local artists continue to demonstrate. PlayBack helps new audiences discover a wealth of today’s local music.

Through PlayBack, you can:

  • Explore digital collections of current Seattle music
  • Create streaming playlists
  • Download music to a computer or device


Go to the PlayBack site and start listening! The jury collected a sampling of some of the best new(ish) music Seattle has to offer. You can dig deep into indie-rock, but also discover your next favorite jazz, world, electro-space, or hip-hop record.

If you have yet to enjoy the first round, check out my list of recommendations. If you want to get to the freshest and newest of the lot (don’t blame you!), make sure to check out these favorites of mine:


Huge kudos and thanks to all the bands who participated in PlayBack!

Interested in having your songs featured in the next round of PlayBack? The third installment of the project will start up over the summer (me thinks), so keep your eyes peeled to the SPL site and to Three Imaginary Girls twitter and facebook feeds. We’ll announce the dates of the next submission period as soon as they are available.