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Levi Fuller is one ambitious fella. The local musician is also the founder of Ball of Wax, a quarterly release that features loads of up-and-coming artists from the Northwest. His latest endeavor is Softly Now, a monthly acoustic live showcase at the now-open-to-the-public fabulous McLeod Residence. The showcase will be held the first Wednesday of each month, starting on April 2nd and featuring Moe Provencher, Levi Fuller, and TroubleShooting.

And did I mention, the shows are early, and are free? Bonus.

To let Levi explain it all in his own words…

Lately I've been thinking that – as much as there is to love about the Seattle music scene, and as glad I am that I live and play and listen to music here and not in my home town of Boston – there is something missing. Sometimes I want to play (or attend) shows of quiet, acoustic artists at a place where people will sit and listen to them, and it can be very challenging. House shows are great, but you can't really promote them the way you'd like, and some people feel weird going to them. Most of the other venues are bars that generally host loud music, so quieter acts tend to either get drowned out by drunken conversation or cranked up in order to compete with said conversation. Some towns have venues that are knows as being "listening rooms," where people go and sit and listen. As a performer and fan of quieter, acoustic-based music, this appeals to me.

As I said, this particular conundrum has been in my mind of late. As it so happens, the wonderful people at McLeod Residence are opening their fabulous gallery/bar/center for intellectual and social stimulation to the public right about now, and seem to be quite open to trying out new ideas. I bounced my ruminations off them, wondering if McLeod could be used for a series of quiet, thoughtful shows, and they said "Yes! Let's do it!" – and so just like that, in a couple of weeks we will be embarking on a monthly series of quiet shows meant for sitting (or standing, I suppose) and listening. But with drinking and stuff, too.

Softly Now: quiet music for listening
First Wednesdays at McLeod Residence
Starting April 2nd, 2008, with performances by:
Moe Provencher (Pelusa)
Levi Fuller
TroubleShooting (Casey Alexander of Wesafari)
8:00 / 21+ / Free