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Either someone over at Culture Mob is playing an insane blogger joke, or there's a serious rumor flying that Johnny Depp is going to buy the Crocodile Cafe (RIP).

Can there be any truth to this? Or is today some National Spread-A-Celebrity-Rumor holiday of which I am unawares?

From Culture Mob:

How about a fun, completely unsubstantiated rumor for Thursday to keep you going until the weekend?

It’s going around the streets of Seattle like wildfire that Johnny Depp is going to buy the old Crocodile Cafe and make it much, much cooler (and hotter) than it ever was before. This is from several unreliable sources, some of whom were at least partially inebriated at the time of bean-spillage. It’s a juicy one though, and Seattle would LOVE it to be true, am I right? Enjoy.

{Hat tip to SOTS for sharing the rumor first.}