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We just heard back from local tech company Groupee about the rumor that the rumor that they were going to buy the Crocodile was no longer true. While they didn't say much about the prior goings-on that may or may not have been brewing, they did confirm that they will not be the new owners of the Croc.

From Groupee Chief Operating Officer Lori Hope:

It has been widely reported that Groupee, Inc. was in the process of acquiring the Crocodile Cafe. We can confirm that we are very much interested in acquiring or launching ‘real-world’ spaces where music fans can interact. This is an integral part of our overall strategy of bringing fans closer to each other and to the artists that they admire. Groupee's intended integration of the online world with the offline world is dependent on finding or developing venues that can enhance the lives of our users. While we cannot comment on any interest we may have had in acquiring the Crocodile Cafe, we are not currently pursuing the acquisition of that business.

So I guess that settles that. I'm hoping someone out there in imaginary land has more scoop on what's happening to our beloved former venue.