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The Wedding Present is half way done with their West Coast tour by the time they make it to Neumo's Wednesday night (9/24) with openers Earlimart.

That means that our former hometown (via Leeds) boy and team will be primed and ready to give Seattle a night full of the well-versed heartbreak indie-pop and scintillating bantering that leaves audiences blogging for more.

They'll no doubt be scatting their favorite hits with samplings from El Rey. The new album is a windfall of why we love David Gedge. Again he offers us clever ways to tell us he knows what we're going through: with a rebound kiss, self-effacing humor, and perhaps a little spiteful cheekiness, we'll be ok.

Case in point, here's a video for a song from the new album: "Don't Take Me Home Until I'm Drunk" (sounds kinda ballboy-ish, right?):