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Happy end of the nice, long holiday weekend! Did you all have nice Independence Days? Blow anything up? See any good shows?

I was all excited that tonight I'd be writing to you about how awesome the Long Winters' show at the Showbox was on Saturday night. I'd been looking forward to the show for weeks, especially since our pals at Barsuk let it slip that Roderick and co. would be unleashing some brand new songs on our expectant ears! But instead of spending my Saturday night feeling fine, with a scent of lime, I was home, tending to our very old and sick kitty, who decided that day to start displaying some very unhappy behaviors and excrete some very foul-smelling fluids.

I'll spare you any further deets — except to say our sweet kitty is feeling better now, for which I am most grateful. I am, however, itching to hear about the show. How were the new songs? Is it true John sported pigtails during the set? (thanks @jimray for that image). We have a full imaginary review of the show coming very soon, and in the meantime I would love to hear more details, pretty please.

We'd also love to hear about any other show-going or firework-exploding madness that ensued during your holiday weekends. Please share!

Speaking of sharing, here's a photo of John Roderick (and all his flowing hair) from the forthcoming Long Winters review, taken by the amazing Laura Musselman…

John Roderick