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Chai Mate Latte RULES!Today may be Monday – but today's Three Imaginary Girls homepage makes me think TIG has been personalized just for me! The two top stories focus on my current favorite things: The top album review is Bright Eyes' Cassadaga and the top live review is my recap of the Your Favorite Book show.

I adore Cassadaga… it's a total 9.3 in my book. Erik nails the record with the review – and I understand that in the grand scheme of things it is an 8.1.

In case you haven't read the review, Erik made some brilliant points… especially his realization that Conor's realized he's a career musician and coming to terms with it. This inner battle of being on a path is likely eating Conor up and I think that comes through on this record — which, to some ears comes out as complacently.

I believe that “If The Brakeman Turns Me Way," is beautiful – especially when M. Ward harmonizes with the background vocals and when they sing the phrase "Fuzzy Logic" in unison. And, although I do agree that "Soul Singer in a Session Band" takes a while to grow on you, when you bond with it, the metaphor takes on a Bronte depth.

As far as the Your Favorite Book live show review, boy was that reviewer long winded!

Another one of my favorite things as of late? Pixie brand Maté Chai Latte! It contains 8 times the antioxidants as green tea (as well as some other secret fetching ingredients). When it is mixed with warm soy milk it makes the chemicals in my brain get super giddy.