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Halfsour - Photo by Lindsay Metivier

The folks at Seattle record label (and record store) Jigsaw Records bring us Tuesday Night Live – the debut album by Halfsour. The Boston trio’s brand of indie-pop comes from the other side of the tracks, where “cute and precious” is overpowered by fast-paced, retro jangle and fearless, yet catchy, melodies.

I immediately fell for their candid guitar+drum cocktail as they mix early Wedding Present relentless spunk (especially on “Topsider”) with a slight nod to The Knack’s “My Sharona” (on “Porch Sitting”) and traces of  lovely, enveloping guitar that Curve would be particularly proud of in “IK.”

“Pop Art Pop Tart” is a perfect sub-genre term for their sound and my favorite song on the album – it’s relentless and determined. It is a wall of DIY guitar jangle that is paired well with “No Culture Icons” by The Thermals (be still my heart).

And Three Imaginary Girls is honored to be able to offer you a chance to hear it first! Behold, an exclusive album stream:

There’s no time to get bored in this cross section of songs on Tuesday Night Live – and not just because most of the album’s tracks clock in around the two minute mark. Vocal duties are switched up between Zoë and Matt (and sometimes Ian) – each with their own rambunctious and rousing take.

The humility and DIY determination of TNL songs transport me to a friendly, comfy house show – no pretense and no postures, just fiery and gutsy – making Tuesday night much more fun than it was before.

Connect with Halfsour on facebook and hear more music and/or get info on how to purchase the album on bandcamp.

Top photo: Halfsour – Photo by Lindsay Metivier