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Damon Gough, aka as Badly Drawn Boy, is not only a notorious drunk but also a notorious heckler — of his own audience.

I saw him at the Showbox years ago on one of the worst nights of my life (long story that involved waaaaay too much vodka and an unfortunate encounter with an ex making out with his new girlfriend in close proximity to me, and me with head spinning, thoroughly convinced that I would be alone and sad forever). All I remember about the set was Damon slurringly chewing out the crowd so badly that the polite Seattle audience actually booed him.

Apparently, the antics continue, all these years later: At SXSW last week, Badly Drawn Boy played at Stubbs, opening for everyone's favorite superband du jour, The Good, The Bad & the Queen. A battle of two Damons ensued!!

Damon (Gough) spent the show hassling one reveler for South by Squatting(tm) in the front row through the BDB set just to be in the front for TGTBATQ, to catch Damon (Albarn's) eye. And really, who could blame her? igLiz and I spent quite a bit of our festival time South by Squatting ourselves. Poor girl shouldn't be blamed for the lineup order, and should be commended for her staying power!

Anyhow, go to Neumo's tonight and you might be lucky enough to get badly drawn yourself.