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If you've read Erik's review of Amon Tobin's new album Foley Room, you've already been convinced that tonight you should head to Neumo's for the night of DJ-i-licious beat fun.

As Erik describes Amon and the new album:

Foley Room finds Tobin in his top form, both returning to the sound that he has pioneered and expanding it to new reaches. Sure, it might not be the fully non-stop club record we usually expect from Tobin, but in this era you need to do more than fill a dance floor as a DJ to be remembered. Tobin proves his chops as a more than just a DJ, but as a musician who is a master of his genre.

But, if you're looking for a reason to get you and your peeps there early (opt for frites rather than a full Elysian meal?), KJ Sawka will be starting the night off and he's promised to bring some hypnotizing visuals to Neumo's tonight. Take a look at this "KJ Sawka: The Human Jungle Drum Machine" promo clip (warning: kinda trippy for early morning viewing):

(yes, my YouTube addiction has been duly noted)