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There is no single term I find more grating than "guilty pleasure" when applied to music – not even "seminal." I completely agree with rock writer Eric Weisbard, who once wrote, "There are no guilty pleasures. There are only people who think some forms of culture ought to know their place. And those who believe them."

It is not as though I have unimpeachable "indie cred." I unapologetically love pop in nearly all permutations, which includes the Beatles, Big Star and Britney. I think "Toxic," "Since U Been Gone," and "Sk8r Boi" are all wonderous pop songs that I have yet to grow tired of. I just don't feel guilty about it. I'm sure there are others that feel the same way about '70s soft rock or doo wop or whatever.

Having said all of that, this show gets my recommendation although I have no idea which songs will be performed and am only marginally familiar, at best, with most of the bands on the bill. First, it is a celebration of songs that we love simply because they are great songs and not because they fit into some artificial ideal. Moreover, the chance to think (or better yet tell someone), "I thought I was the only one that liked this song" is worth the suggested $7 cover.

This show is also a benefit for Eric Howk of the Lashes, who is still recovering from a terrible injury and the fucked-up reality of being a musician (even one on a major label) and not having health insurance.