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Wedding Present - BizarroTonight {4/21} is the big night! Seattle is finally going to see the Wedding Present perform their landmark album Bizarro in its entirety at the Crocodile!

And I’m not the only one who’s excited that the band is working their way around the globe with this special treat. Marty Donald of the Lucksmiths told us why “Brassneck” is one of the most amazing first tracks ever. Derek reminded us of the excitement of first discovering the Leeds band and this album, and Jill shared her story of how helpful Bizarro has been in helping navigate romantic mine fields.

And you! You all have been commenting with some great stories and tales of giddiness as well! It’s so good to know that we Weddoes fans are in such good company!

To prepare for the show, here’s one final pre-show Bizarro-era video.