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TwizzleHearts to KEXP DJ Larry Rose for bringing Seattle duo Twizzle to my attention. Their super cutesie yet sorta sexy lo-fi pop is the perfect soundtrack for consuming any post-Valentine's Day confections you may have {of the human or chocolate variety*}.

Case in point: their uber-cute track "I Like Candy," available for your listening pleasure on their MySpace page (linked above). Check out these sweetly suggestive little double entendres:

"Cherry sours every hour Jelly Bellies fun for all
I like candy candy candy I like candy
Don't you too?
Been addicted…"

Spacecake's lilting vocals and Sir Mildred Pitt's (also of The Bran Flakes) sparse clangy instrumentation give the tune an airy, silly confidence, keeping it sweet without bringing on the cavities. The duo's record S'prise Inside is available on CD Baby, and though I don't see any live shows listed on their MySpace page, surely they must have forthcoming… if not, Seattle bookers: take heed!

{*And hey lovelorn — if you didn't get any sweet treats this year, now is the perfect time to find some delish post V-day bargains at your neighborhood Bartells, so don't feel left out!}