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The imaginary staff has been a buzz with excitement about the upcoming Hey Willpower / MEN show next week. We've got folks in Boston and Seattle on deck to review the show and there was an arm wrestling match over who would get to review the album.

So, when we got the opportunity to give away a pair of tickets to the show, we jumped at the chance.

Email us to enter to win the pair of tickets to the show (to [email protected] with the subject line "Hey Willpower Tix") before Tuesday, February 19th 9a PST.

As ChrisB explains on today's KEXP Blog post it's a must see show:

Men with Hey Willpower, February 20 at Nectar, $10, 21+
Wednesday night promises to have one of the most fun dance parties around. One of my favorite bands of all time is Le Tigre, the electro-feminist dance punks who combine righteous liberal politics with ass-shaking better than anyone else on the planet. Unfortunately, they’re on hiatus for now, so Men (who are decidedly not), is the closest we’re going to get for the time being. They are Le Tigre sans Kathleen Hanna; still, JD Samson and Johanna Fateman continue the same commitment to lo-fi beats and catchy songwriting that their more famous project is known for.

Also on that bill is Hey Willpower, which sounds like what you would expect R. Kelly to sound like if he were white and gay. Or maybe they sound like Justin Timberlake if he were gay; I can’t be certain. Anyway, Imperial Teen’s Will Schwartz teams up with Tomo Yasuda from Tussle to explore their love of Top 40 pop and R&B. Their debut album PDA was just released domestically a few weeks ago and is one of the most fun records I’ve heard this early in the year.

Can dancing bring peace?