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Our friends at Skatterbrain have put together an amazing compilation cd, If You Like Everything, There's Nothing Left To Love. It brings together bands from all over the globe –some are our favorite critically acclaimed indie-poppers (The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Brown Recluse Sings), some are definite hotty artists to watch (The Parallelograms and The Garlands) and most of the 14 tracks are previously unreleased.

If the title and pedigree of this compilation cd alone doesn't pique your interest, the limited edition screenprinted handmade sleeves with hand-stamped discs will knock your socks off (or I can only assume since my copy wont be shipped until Valentine's Day).

It's only $8 and is limited to only 150 copies. Complete ordering skinny on the Skatterbrain website.

Mark the holiday of St. Valentine with some of the finest fresh and new indie-pop in the blogosphere!

01. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart :: I Wanna Go All The Way
02. Sarah Plain & Tall :: If Tomorrow
03. The Foxgloves :: Passing Through
04. Knight School :: Death And The Cleaning Maiden
05. The Garlands :: Chandeliers
06. The Sugarplums :: A Pop Wedding In The Winter Weather
07. Brown Recluse Sings :: Night Train
08. Pants Yell! :: Cold Hands, You Make Me Nervous
09. The Winter Club :: The Big Trip
10. The Airfields :: Home Is Always An Imaginary Place
11. The Up Set :: Couldn't Lose Our Youth
12. Horowitz :: Chilwell Olympia
13. The Parallelograms :: Papageno
14. Signed Papercuts :: An Old Memory