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Seattle band Voyager One have announced that they are not only planning to release a new record in the early part of 2008, but also that they will return to Loveless Records to do so. The band was the first signee to Loveless back in 1999, and their next release, Afterhours in the Afterlife, is slated for release on February 26, 2008.

From the press release:

Seattle’s Voyager One has rejoined Loveless Records to release their anticipated new album, Afterhours in the Afterlife, out on February 26, 2008. Afterhours comes on the heels of the band self-released gem, Dissolver (TokyoIdaho 2005) which received critical acclaim, “9/10 stars” Under the Radar, and got the band touring nationally with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

The return to Loveless marks both a rebirth of the band in a sonic direction and is a reinforcemet that Loveless is committed to bringing quality music to the masses.

When Loveless began, the idea was to put out music by some great, undiscovered Seattle bands. “The label got started when a friend and I were at a Voyager One show and were blown away that no one was putting out their music. That night at the Crocodile over many beers, it was decided that we were going to put out their debut.” – John Richards, KEXP Morning Show host, and Loveless partner.


Voyager One will also play the Loveless Records Christmas party tomorrow night, Saturday December 8th, at the High Dive. The band goes on early (7p!) and will be playing tracks from Afterhours in the Afterlife.