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Capitol Hill Block Party
{Photo:  Steve Louie}

The weather has finally started to cooperate and prove it still has a sunny side.  All this sun-infused summer bliss means two things:

1. It's time to work on our summer music mix tapes
2. The Capitol Hill Block Party is right around the corner, and we all had better start prepping!

This Thursday, June 28th around 10.20am, I'm going to be on KOUW / 94.9FM's Weekday show with Larry Mizell Jr. (KEXP and master of most rad Seattle music things) and Beth (Vera Project) to talk about those two very important things.

What is your "Summer 2012 Song?"

Are you going the way of Best Coast's "The Only Place" or is there something from the new Grimes album that is on repeat as you drink in the sun's rays?  Right now, besides a lot of sparkly British indie-pop (Tigercats! The School!), I've got the new Dent May, The Features, and Gospel Music in high rotation.

My head is spinning as I peruse the Capitol Hill Block Party day by day schedule.  For example, are the Sunday line-up fates really asking us to choose between missing the end of Neko Case's set (who starts at 7:45pm on the main stage) and the beginning of Grand Archives (who start at 8:30pm on the Barboza stage)?  Or the end of Grand Archives and the beginning of Porcelain Raft (who start at 9pm back on the main stage)?  

Who are you most excited about who's on this year's Capitol Hill Block Party schedule?  

Let's all get summer style!