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It’s almost the weekend and you might have the urge to rock out and escape this hellish political landscape for a minute. I know I do! Check out the amazing shows coming up this weekend AND BEYONDDD…


10/6 A Place to Bury Strangers at Clock-Out Lounge

Will APTBS blow your eardrums out and replace them with TV static?? Maybe, but at least you’ll be able to feel something again! Once dubbed the “loudest band in NY” this wall of sound producing three piece will in the very least have you dancing on a bed of deliciously crunchy homemade distortion pedals.

BTDUBS, don’t miss the haunting electro-folk of local openers Somesurprises! They’ll leave you wanting to cozy up to a fireplace and burrito up in a comfy blanket. Sounds like a great way to pass the month if you ask me!


10/6 & 10/7 OH SEES at Neumos

Who doesn’t want to lose themselves in a mass of rocking out limbs spiraling in every direction? Oh Sees are back again, on tour for their millionth record, and guess what it is total psychedelic rip fest. Per USUAL! Hope you got tickets cause these puppies are SOLD OUT. Woof woof!


10/8 Ty Segall & White Fence at Neumos

Yep sorry buddy looks like you gotta head back to Neumos for more fun. BUMMER! Obviously Ty Segall is one of the most prolific psyched out garage rockers of our time, but have you checked out his collaboration with White Fence? Their latest record, Joy will satiate all the 60’s psych band cravings your little heart desires. Ya can’t listen to nothing but Syd Barrett, Love and The Kinks forever! Well you probably can but you’ll like DIG this I promise.

Get tickets for these shows at Clock-Out Lounge and Neumos now while you still can! APTBS is 21+ and Ty Segall/White Fence is all ages. 

Photo by Brady Harvey