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Nana Grizol at the Vera Project / July 2017 / Photo: Liz Tollefson

Liz’s favorites of 2017: albums and shows that were great even though everything else felt crappy

I’m pretty sure once 2017 is over, and even after we get some space from it, I’ll still get a sour taste in my mouth thinking back to the turmoil it inflicted on the world. But, there were some high points that provided inspiration and comfort in these trying times – which I’ll share in […]

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Mr. Love & Justice


It is hard for me to say much about Billy Bragg that I haven't already said. He is one of my idols, one of my favorite musicians and dare I say the best songwriter alive today. He's recorded one of my top 3 favorite albums of all time (Workers Playtime), has a political playbook that […]

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