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My fave video of the moment: Oh Hell, I Married an Indiepop Girl

[video:] I’m not sure what neat Windows(R) software created this video, but even with the program I couldn’t have come up with a funnier indie-pop girl / husband sample conversation. For the love of Morrissey!!!  You’ll never be English, get over it. What should be the next video in this series?  A barista to boyfriend […]

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Frankly, Mr. Shankly, I can't imagine this scene: a 2-day academic conference about Morrissey

This is one of those ideas that makes one kind of cock their head like a really alert German Shepherd with both confusion and interest. A Morrisey-themed 2 day academic conference? Really? People submitted papers last year about different Morrissey related topics at last year's event! The mind boggles as to what they could have […]

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years of refusal

Years of Refusal


Solo record number nine by Morrissey is surprisingly an all out, balls out rock and roll album. The guitars are right up front in the speakers and the production is bursting full of modern day digital tint. Aside from the initial shock of the hard rock songwriting, Morrissey is in fine form here. His vocals […]

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The State of Music Today for February 2009

So, what will he be called? Normally, when one gets knighted, you go by your first name, but wouldn't that seem odd? Sir Stephen? It would only be proper for him to be dubbed as only he could be: Sir Morrissey. Yes, indeed, I am advocating that the patron saint of modern rock be knighted […]

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