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Celebrate Friday the 13th with BOAT, Bottomless Pit (ex-Silkworm), Police Teeth, the Bismarck

Happy Friday the 13th {April, 2012 edition}!!! There are so many reasons to be happy today: – It's Friday! – We've been promised that tomorrow will be a sunny Saturday! – Tonight is the 30th birthday celebration for Tall Chris {of Police Teeth} complete with a line-up of so many great bands at the Sunset! […]

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Recommended show: Hall & Oates covers and a birthday party at the Sunset {Saturday ~ 1/15}

This Saturday at the Sunset is going to be off the Maneater hizzay as some of Seattle’s brightest take the stage to celebrate Hall & Oates and our dear {imaginary staffer and all around indie-queen} Heather Hydra’s birthday! Will there be fluffy Oates mustaches aplenty in the Sunset at the show? The scent of Aquanet […]

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Real Size Monster Series


Police Teeth follow up their taut-song form-lengthy EP Jazz Records For Sale with a diverse debut album Super Big Gulp spiked with more brittle thoughts, bitter emotions, and barroom threats than tracks like "Motherfuckers Move Slow" and "Taking A Shit On Company Time" promised. Believe it or leave it. Conrad Uno recorded this album for […]

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Tonight's recommended show: Police Teeth album release show at the Sunset

In case you didn't familiarize yourself with them after hearing them in the Three Imaginary Girls 11/11/08 podcast, Police Teeth have racked up a slew of experience playing shows around town and now have given us another reason to celebrate them: The band has packed up their high energy sweaty rock and packaged in the […]

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Northwest goodness at the Georgetown Music Festival

As Northwest music festivals' line-ups start touting more of the national big guys, like Bumbershoot and Capitol Hill Block Party, the niche for local festivals comprised of mostly local acts is filled with more and more festivals. Personally, I'm a sucker for festivals; the more the merrier I say, even if I have no time […]

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