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Happy 14th Birthday

Happy 14 Years of Imaginary Fun!

Happy 14th birthday to Three Imaginary Girls! It’s so crazy to think our year-long batch of 10-year birthday celebrations was actually 4 years ago (back in 2012). I feel like those events (the shows, karaoke party, poster retrospective show, photography exhibit, ice cream social, the crafternoon, film screening, infographic, zine publishing, etc.) were just last […]

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Let your Brit-Pop flag fly!!! {with a dance party, brit-pop karaoke, unibrows and more…}

Britpop runs in my veins.  For the anglophile music geeks amongst us, there is no greater way to electrify the room than to say words like Pulp, Supergrass, Lush, Suede, Elastica, James, Ride, Charlatans, Ash, Blur … oh yeah, and Oasis. Finally there is way for us to celebrate our love of the parklife.  Mark […]

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Guitar Hero 3 lets you master The Stone Roses and Sex Pistols!

I've actually never played Guitar Hero — but after perusing the list of songs that are featured in the recently released Guitar Hero 3, I might just be able to complete. Sure there's some stinkers on the list (one need only see the names Die Hoten Toten and Slipnot to revert back to your original thought on […]

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Top 10 songs about imaginary girls

As you may have read here on TIG, I am all knocked up, expecting a baby girl in early January. We've been trying to think of the perfect baby name for the wee one… and while it's not a requirement per se, it would be great to give our girl a name that already has […]

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"Fools Gold" by the Stone Roses

Brilliant. I don't think it is possible to write a better song than "Fools Gold." Here's why: Instantly recognizable bassline A dance beat mixed with random bongos In its proper glory, a 9:53 run time. The instruments work their way in one-by-one like a walk through a familiar neighborhood; they greet you like old friends […]

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Greatest Indie Anthems

Just because it is now officially NME Thursday and everyone loves themed lists, how about we talk about the Greatest Indie Anthems ever… and what NME / Xfm and the general UK public think they are. The top 50 Greatest Indie Anthems as listed in NME:1. Oasis – 'Live Forever'2. Nirvana – 'Smells Like Teen […]

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