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Happy 14th Birthday

Happy 14th birthday to Three Imaginary Girls!

It’s so crazy to think our year-long batch of 10-year birthday celebrations was actually 4 years ago (back in 2012). I feel like those events (the shows, karaoke party, poster retrospective show, photography exhibit, ice cream social, the crafternoon, film screening, infographic, zine publishing, etc.) were just last week.

This illustrates many things; Mainly, that time flies when you’re juggling day job priorities and sleep vs. show/film decision-making-pyramids {as we are sure you know all too well}. But more tangibly, it also points out that there’s no better time to start thinking about our big 15th birthday fun than now {because Saturday, June 10, 2017 will be here before you can sing your favorite Telekinesis lyric}.

What do you think? Rockstar karaoke? Fun DJ happy hour? Ice cream dance party? Movie night?

We realize it’s hard for us to all coordinate schedules and get out of the house {believe us, we know!}, so if we do something we want to make sure you’re able to make it – because you are the biggest and most important facet of the imaginary community. And we love seeing your sweet faces!

So we’re throwing this out there now as a birthday resolution of sorts – let’s make plans to celebrate our 15th birthday together next year!

Also, I’d like to take this {and every} opportunity to thank everyone on the imaginary team for sharing their brainy thoughts and opinions and talents via Three Imaginary Girls.

A super special big shout out to the TIG Film Team who is kicking major booty with their nonstop full-scale SIFF 2016 coverage. Their film recaps and commentary are delivered with the sharpest wit – perfect for both the film geek and casual participant alike. You rule: Imaginary Amie, Imaginary Rich, Imaginary Embracey, and Roxie Rider!

And have you checked out our recent live show reviews & photo galleriesalbum reviews, and interviews? The whole team – including Imaginary Gemma, Brady Harvey, Imaginary Jean, Imaginary Dana, JimiC, Jonathan Speights – have been in full force and we are so so so grateful and giddy. And that’s just the start – we will be covering the Capitol Hill Block Party this year! Wait until you see our coverage from the front lines!

The biggest thanks goes to all those who contributed with their kind $ donations and enthusiastic words of encouragement to our 2015 indie-go-go effort. You are the reason we’re even able to share in all of this happy. You. Are. The. Best.

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate this birthday. Tradition suggests 14th year gift ideas could involve elephants and gold. So let’s collectively birthday dance!

Side note: “Oh, Tina” was originally written by The Elephants, a Tacoma band who later morphed into The Nightgowns.

And of course:

Side note: This video was part of our 2015 fundraising drive (thank you again, so much!) visit our thank you page for more info.