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Top 10 band names from song names

If there's any one question most bands tend to dislike it's how they got their band name. A band will most likely answer with, "Well, this one night we were drunk…" or something similarly dissatisfying and anti-climatic, which is I avoid the question during interviews. While listening to emo pioneer Cap'n Jazz's completely encompassing Analphabetapolothology, it occurred […]

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Georgetown Music Fest 2008: Kaylee Cole

Show Date: June 14, 2008

Kaylee Cole has incredible potential, at least to become my new favorite local artist. The Snohomish County turned Spokane denizen does not boast much more than a haunting voice and a piano, but her musical poweress is heart gripping. Sounds similar to what I said about another solo female artist last summer, no? As the […]

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elle's Georgetown Music Fest Wrap-up

Tennis Pro photo by Jeanine Anderson  I think I've figured it out: Georgetown Music Festival is a marketing ploy to get "out-of-towners" to check out their neighborhood's businesses; I found myself patronizing every shop in the near vicinity, including the little Ma and Pa run pharmacy a block away. I'm alright with that, because most music […]

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Exciting new Sigur Ros news

There is definitely some exciting updates for all my fellow "Victory Rose" fans– Sigur Ros' new album, Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust, (bleh, let's have a competition for attempting to pronounce that one!) will be released around June 23rd, in less than two weeks. However, you can stream the new tracks directly from […]

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Northwest goodness at the Georgetown Music Festival

As Northwest music festivals' line-ups start touting more of the national big guys, like Bumbershoot and Capitol Hill Block Party, the niche for local festivals comprised of mostly local acts is filled with more and more festivals. Personally, I'm a sucker for festivals; the more the merrier I say, even if I have no time […]

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Crystal Castles: Seattle can dance

Show Date: June 7, 2008

"Thank God we don't have to write about this!" Fellow imaginaries Jeanine Anderson and ChrisB and I exclaimed about our relief of duties while sipping cocktails, marveling at the elbow to elbow crowd at Chop Suey, the sauna quality reminiscent of Girl Talk in Neumo's last year. Our comrade Mike Mess, who was to be […]

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