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One more spot on tonight's dance card: Lemolo at the Comet

[video:] As many of you here in Seattle have heard, local favorite Drew Grow (of Drew Grow & the Pastor’s Wives) was in quite a gnarly accident recently. Reports about surgeries and physical healing reports seem to be on the up-and-up, but unfortunately, that means a pile of medical bills — and this is […]

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Recommended NYE Show: Purple Rhinestone Eagle at the Comet {12/31}

Are you looking for a righteous time, where the chances are quite high that you just may time travel through your third eye across the 8th dimension to a land where Bill Hicks is king? You are?! Fantastic. I have a show for you. Come December 31st (this Friday), you should take train/plane/tauntaun to the […]

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John Roderick + The Head and the Heart = best weekend ever.

Somehow, in the sea of amazing, mindbending, 40+ shows this past weekend, we managed to find ourselves front row for two of our favorite local acts, with camera in hand. Two great nights with two rad bands, at two perfectly-suited venues: John Roderick’s solo show at the Triple Door on Thursday, and the Head and […]

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Your Weekend Plans: Casper & the Cookies come to Seattle

OK, so it’s Wednesday and I’m already dreaming of the weekend, which is normal. But, this time it’s because I’ve been counting down to this weekend for months! One of my favorite bands, Casper & the Cookies (from Athens, GA) is coming back to Seattle! They haven’t been here since the opened for the Apples […]

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Parson Red Heads' residency at the Comet

Show Date: February 11, 2010

I’ve been wondering whether the Parson Red Heads’ (PRHs) Residency was going to work out. I mean playing weekly shows for four consecutive weeks, up and down the west coast, without losing the magic is a pretty tall order. Not just because of the workout they must be getting on I-5 (I mean every band […]

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Animals At Night extravaganza with many guests this Friday at the Comet

I keep noticing that a lot of my favorite records coming out have the name Graig Markel associated with them — production for and playing on Barton Carroll’s melancholy new album Together You And I and the dark, dazzling debut of Terri Tarantula. Markel has his own milieu, comprised of cobwebby but vivid Americana or […]

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Japanther and Champagne Champagne at The Comet, New Year's Day style

Show Date: January 1, 2010

Japanther shows are pure fist-pumping fun. The Brooklyn duo, consisting of Ian Vanek and Matt Reilly, ripped through a spicy set at the Comet, New Year’s Day, with Champagne, Champagne, They Live! and Hair Envelope. If you missed it or couldn’t snag a ticket because it was very sold out, check out the fuzzed-out photos […]

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