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Noise for the Needy

Noise for the Needy 2014: the last goodbye

If you haven’t heard the news already, we hate to be the ones to break it to you. But here it goes – Noise for the Needy is ending. Not for the month or this year, like FOREVER. This Friday and Saturday will be the 10th and final installment of this epically generous and wonderful charity music fest […]

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Don't Miss Shows Thru The Weekend! Eighteen Individual Eyes, Can You Imagine?, The Tripwires, and Bat Country

My ass is sore from SIFF, damn it! I need to get up and move around a bit! And not just between theaters either. Hmm, maybe I’ll go see a show or two this weekend. You know, live music! Cold whiskey in hand and a bunch of ragamuffins caterwauling on the bandstand action. It’s been […]

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Bring on the sad bastard: Pablo Trucker at Conor Byrne tonight {11/19}

I’ve pretty much been nerding out about Pablo Trucker since the minute I hit the ground in Seattle. Show after show after show, they just won’t quit — and I can’t wait to catch more proof tonight when they slay the stage at Conor Byrne. Their sound is inherently simple: big dirty guitar + tortured […]

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Rad bands for a great cause: the NFTN 2010 lineup

{photo credit: the lovely Laura Musselman, courtesy of our imaginary flickr pool} Now that we’re all done with Sasquatch, it’s time to set our sights on the next raddest lineup to hit the west coast: it’s Noise for the Needy, 2010 edition. There’s close to seventy-five bands and djs playing a baker’s dozen of venues […]

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Tonight's recommended show: Mirah at Vera Project and/or the Dexter Street Stompers at Conor Byrne

Mirah is like yoga, Italy, and pizza… it's rare to hear an ill word said about any of them. She hardly needs me to list her finest attributes to convince you to go see her tonight at The Vera Project — except to say that you wont be disappointed. And, who knows who you'll run […]

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REVERB 2008: Hazelwood Motel

Show Date: October 4, 2008

Hazelwood Motel conspicuously played their nimble nocturnal ravers and disturbing lullabies to help open the sprawling-on-a-strip-of-Ballard magnificent REVERBfest 2008. The band has enticed new fans of late thanks to KEXP, who made the band's paradoxically effervescent and bleak "Break Myself In Two" a Song Of The Day recently, Blinking his eyes at the 4 PM […]

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