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mclusky. CUNT!

Show Date: November 2, 2002

"Have you heard the new mclusky album? If not, what the fuck have you been doing? The album is great! Hold on, let me play you a couple of tunes." This is the kind of conversation I have been having with friends and loved ones for the last couple months now. The conversation isn't new. […]

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Show Date: October 1, 2002

As a card-carrying curmudgeon and a 'been there/done that,' jaundiced music fan, it is rare that I am taken in by the star-making machinery. I am happy to report one of those occasions. I have been enjoying ballboy's debut album, Club Anthems, with its absurdly brilliant "I Hate Scotland" and their import-only EP, All The […]

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Cinerama, with ballboy

Show Date: October 1, 2002

"9.28.02, The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco""9.30.02, Blackbird Cafe, Portland""10.1.02, Crocodile Cafe, Seattle" In late September – early October there was a miraculous alignment of the planets that resulted in a glorious 4-day ballboy — Cinerama bender for Imaginary Girl Liz. As some might already know, I’ve been a massive fan of both ballboy […]

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Show Date: August 23, 2002

Item! A veritable Who's Who of show-goers was on hand at the Crocodile last Friday to watch shoegazing, spacerocking, psychedelic train driving monsters Kinski as they plowed through yet another mind-blowing set of all those songs that we only know as "The one that goes, 'do-do-do -do-do-do -DUN-DUN-DUN-do.'" And they were certainly up to the […]

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Los Halos

Show Date: August 22, 2002

Until recently, I had always been a big fan of music. However, thanks to my inability to say no to a woman, I am now instead a Music Critic. Thursday, the 22nd of August, Loveless Records' recording artists Los Halos played their First Show Ever. To reciprocate, I made my first ever trip Out to […]

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Show Date: July 4, 2002

We're not much for fireworks. So instead of staring skyward this July 4th, imaginary girl friend Marlene and I headed to the Wasabi Bistro (not that place again!) for sustenance, and then arrived at the Crocodile to hear local up-and-coming band Yeek Yak Airforce. There we were, music reviewers with pens and pads in hand, […]

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Pretty Girls Make Graves with Your Enemies Friends

Show Date: June 9, 2002

For weeks (months) I’ve heard Dana rave about Pretty Girls Make Graves. I doubt there has been a trip in her car where she hasn’t played a song from their debut cd, quoted a lyric over the course of conversation, or gushed about their live shows. I was nearly as excited as she was when […]

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The Worst You Can Do Is Miss the Long Winters Live

Show Date: May 31, 2002

First thing: if you weren't lucky enough to see The Long Winters live, DO NOT MISS IT NEXT TIME!!! And if you don't already own their debut CD, The Worst You Can Do Is Harm, then stop reading this column and run to go purchase it. Right now! Then please come back and continue reading. […]

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