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Stream the new Tullycraft covers comp plus free MP3s

So remember that Tullycraft covers compilation we mentioned a while back, Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook? Well, it's done, and will be available for purchase next month. And, you can stream the whole thing on their website! I've been swooning over this all day. (Conflict of interest note: my band, iji, is on this comp, but even if we weren't I'd still be school-girl-giddy about this amazing collection of bands.) This compilation features so many of my crush bands, like Gold-Bears, Fishboy, the Smittens, Bunnygrunt, and Math and Physics Club.


The folks at Unchikun Records have been nice enough to share a few MP3s, so for your listening pleasure, check out two of my favorite songs from the comp, Hot Lava covering "Pink Lemonade" and the Medusa Snare covering "Every Little Thing".


Some highlights:

Galactic Hereos make "Pop Songs Your Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know About" (in my opinon, one of the most perfect pop songs ever) perfect clean and sparkly indie pop without a hint of snark.

– Both Darren Hanlon and Rose Melberg (in the greatest indie pop duet of this century) and the Besties cover "Our Days In Kansas" (pretty much impossible to choose a favorite), and they each take wonderful ownership of the song. It's also the last Besties track recorded before they broke up.

The Medusa Snare (members of Manhattan Love Suicides) make "Every Little Thing" noisy and shrill and wonderful (download it above!).

The Smittens make "Sweet" sound sexier than it really has any right to be.

The Poison Control Center turn "The Last Song" into a dub jam and it doesn't suck. 

The Special Places (Corianton and Jenny from Tullycaft) have been playing their cover of "Fall 4 U" live for a while, so it's nice to have a recorded version of it. It might even be cuter than the original!


As in the best covers compilations, no one just does a straight cover. Everyone professes their love for the ever amazing Tullycraft in their own special way. Listen for yourself!

Bunnygrunt Darren Hanlon Fishboy Galactic Heroes Imaginary Scoop Math and Physics Club Poison Control Center Rose Melberg The Besties The Smittens Tullycraft

Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook: Tullycraft covers comp

photo by steve louie

{Tullycraft photo by Steve Louie}

Holy indie pop incredibleness! Do you miss Tullycraft as much as I do? It’s only been less than a year since their farewell set at San Francisco Popfest (which still gives me chills just thinking about), but just knowing that there may be another chance to sing along to such glorious pop gems makes me happy. Well, this isn’t a new Tullycraft record, but the next best thing: all your favorite (well, at least my favorite) indie pop bands together on one comp covering their favorite Tullycraft songs!

The wonderful folks who are putting the comp together put up an experiment of sorts on the site Kickstarter (a great website for getting funding for projects!) to see if they could raise a little scratch to make this cover compilation huge; to spread the love of Tullycraft to the masses! Only if they raise their amount will you be charged. Think of it like a pre-order: by paying in advance, you get tons of awesome benefits!

Full band list after the jump.

Darren Hanlon & Rose Melberg (just thinking about this makes me swoon so hard!)
Hot Lava
The Medusa Snare (members of Manhattan Love Suicides)
Galactic Heroes
The Smittens
Casper & The Cookies (ex Of Montreal)
Folklore (Jimmy from Elf Power)
Hotpants Romance
The Special Places (Corianton & Jenny from Tullycraft, getting a little meta there)
LA Tool & Die
The Besties (their last recorded song!)
Poison Control Center
The Awesomelies
Math & Physics Club (get a sneak peek at their song if you pick up their Record Store Day only floppy 7″ at Jigsaw Records!)
Japanese Master Track
Sprites (when was the last time this band put something out?!)
Moustache of Insanity

Afternoon Naps BOAT Bunnygrunt Casper and the Cookies Connecticut Four Imaginary Scoop Pains of Being Pure at Heart Telekinesis! The Besties The Thermals Visqueen

keenan's favorite albums of 2009

After quite a bit of hmm-ing and hah-ing, I’ve finally come up with my favorite albums of 2009, listed in sort of numerical order, or at least that’s how I feel today, including local favorites BOAT, Visqueen, and indie pop hearthrobs The Pains of Being Pure at Heart!

{photo by hot avocados photography}

10. Telekinesis!S/T – “Coast of Carolina” – TIG favorites on the rise! This album has done insanely well, and we couldn’t be more proud that they played our Imaginary Holiday Spectacular last year.

9. BunnygruntMatt Harnish and Other Delights – “The Limits of Southern Hospitality” – Oh how do I love Bunnygrunt? Let me count the ways. My favorite St. Louis pop punkers put out this great collection of thrash around the bar, scream til you lose your voice, dance your pants off hits. Pray to the gods of punk rock that they grace Seattle with their presence in 2010.

8. Connecticut FourTiger Shark – This band was by far my favorite local band of 2009, featuring members of Racetrack and Visqueen, but they played their final show in November. This EP is a great memento of the short lived band, featuring five crunchy, noisy power pop songs with beautiful all girl harmonies. (Sadly, no MP3, but you can hear their song “Fiscal Year” on our latest Imaginary Podcast.)

7. Casper and the CookiesModern Silence“Little King” – I have waxed poetic about this band quite a bit, and the truth is, this album is way better than any album with an 18 minute noise track played only by musicians not in the band has any right to be. The slow songs have deep grooves, and the fast pop numbers are instantly catchy.

6. The BestiesHome Free“What Would Tim Armstrong Do?” – Another sadly departed band of the year, Brooklyn’s funnest pop band (so I deemed them) stepped up their game and put out my favorite combination of indie pop and pop punk. Their show in Seattle earlier this year was one of my favorites all year long. C’mon guys, reuinion tour?

5. The ThermalsNow We Can See“Now We Can See” – Oh Thermals. I love you so much. This record for me was an instant hit. It doesn’t quite tug at my heartstrings the way some of the others do, but it’s a wonderful collection of pop sing alongs, and I can’t wait to hear the next one!

4. Afternoon Naps Parade“Beach Bums” –  This is the best album all year you haven’t heard. This Cleveland band wonderfully mixes 60’s beach fun with 80’s Orange Juice spilled on my Felt  groovy vibes. The album is beautifully orchestrated, starring ace tone organ lines front and center with gorgeous boy/girl back and forth. I wish I could see them play every day. Let’s start a petition to bring Afternoon Naps to Seattle!

3. VisqueenMessage to Garcia “Beautiful Amnesia” – This long awaited record was worth the wait. It’s such an amazing collection of catchy and sassy as hell perfect poppy rock and roll. This song in particular has such a wonderful Fastbacks-y vibe in the verses. I hope Visqueen takes over the world in 2010.

2. The Pains of Being Pure at HeartS/T“Come Saturday” – So, I pretty much spent this year not being able to shut up about how much I love this band. I spent months making up theories about how this album was a perfect love letter to C86 jangle, with each track a different memento of the era. Of course, it’s not true, but it gave me something to daydream about. If my theory were correct, this track here was the early My Bloody Valentine song, when MBV had more of an anorak meets leather jacket sound than full on aural assault.

1. BOATSetting the Paces“Lately” – Again, this was an album worth the wait. However, you might have noticed a pattern – any time BOAT puts out a record, it winds up at or near the top of my favorite releases. What can I say? I’ve loved every incarnation of this band, but I’m especially smitten with total rock out BOAT. The songs on this album are stronger than ever before, leaving behind some of the fun and silly childhood songs for perfect replications of day to day adult life. This song especially is my jam of the year.

And a few honorable mentions…

Camera Obscura My Maudlin Career – Though a bit mellower and much sadder than Let’s Get Out of This Country, I still went back to this record over and over again for it’s lush pop hooks.

FishboyNom – A deconstructed take on one of my favorite bands, with only the songs and vocals provided by Fish-lead himself Eric Michener, and the rest recorded without him in the studio. The track “Gabe Saucedo Hates My Guts” is amazing, though probably only if you know Gabe Saucedo (leader of Red Pony Clock). Side note: on tour this summer, I had the fortune of seeing Gabe himself sing all of the things he says in the song, and then shove Eric from Fishboy when he was done. Rumor has it songs are being worked on for a new Fishboy album for next year (and sadly, all the songs they played in Seattle this summer have been scrapped.) I’m sure what they come up with next will be great!

James Rabbit Perfect Waves – A wonderful hodge podge of joyous insanity. This is what happens when theater kids make pop music and they make it right. Though I don’t love this record as much as I love their live shows, it suffices well for when I can’t see them in a sweaty living room or basement. You can download the whole album online for free, and I highly recommend you do!

So CowS/T – I saw this Irish band over the summer and fell head over heels for their stop/start fast jangle. After the show they were convinced they were moving to Seattle, so we’ll be looking out for them in 2010!

What about you? What were your favorites of this year?

Allan Clapp ballboy Best Fwends Brown Recluse Sings Bunnygrunt Cars Can Be Blue Dear Nora Human Television Imaginary Scoop Lil Hospital My Teenage Stride Pants Yell! Pipas The Ballet The Baskervilles The Besties The Gazetteers The Smittens

Holy NYC POPFEST Batman!

NYC Popfest PosterThe NYC Popfest folks have announced their 2007 line-up and HOLY COW is it fantabulous! IT MAKES ME WANT TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS!

Behold – I'll post the line-up now and comment more once I gather myself:

THURSDAY MAY 24, 2007 – Opening Night Gala
98-104 Meserole Ave., @ EUROPA in Brooklyn

BMX Bandits (Scotland)
Pants Yell! (MA)
Yellow Fever (TX)
The Metric Mile (NYC)
Lispector (France)
& Other Surprise Guests!!

FRIDAY MAY 25, 2007 – Kick-off the weekend with Mitch Easter & a Rooftop Afterparty!!!
168 Delancey Street, @ THE DELANCEY on the L.E.S.

Baskervilles (NYC)
Mitch Easter (NC)
The Secret History (NYC)
The Smittens (VT)
Affair d'Coeur (NYC)
The Reverse (NY)

SATURDAY MAY 26, 2007 – FREE Daytime All-Ages Show
Astroland Stage – Coney Island Boardwalk, @ ASTROLAND on Coney Island!!!!!

Bunnygrunt (MO)
Cars Can Be Blue (GA)
Best Fwends (TX)
The Gritty Midi Gang (NYC)
& Special Surprise Guests!


Casiotone For the Painfully Alone (CHI)
The Ballet (NYC)
Ballboy (Scotland)
Harvey Williams (UK)
My Teenage Stride (NYC)
The Besties (NYC)
Brown Recluse Sings (PA)

SUNDAY MAY 27, 2007
361 Metropolitan Avenue, @ LUNA LOUNGE in Brooklyn

Pipas (UK/NYC)
Human Television (PA)
Michael Leviton (NYC)
Pelle Carlberg (Sweden)
Dear Nora (CA)
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (NYC)

MONDAY  May 28, 2007 – Memorial Day BBQ & Show
484 Union Avenue, @ UNION POOL in Brooklyn

Allen Clapp & His Orchestra (CA)
The Gazetteers (NY)
The Lil Hospital (PA)
Surefire Broadcast (PA)
Titans of Filth (GA)
& Special Surprise Guests!!