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3 Lucksmiths and a Great Earthquake walk into a bar… introducing Last Leaves

Last Leaves, members of the Lucksmiths

I can't think of a better way to wake up this fine Wednesday morning than to the announcement of Last Leaves, a new band consisting of 3/4 of the Lucksmiths!!!

Although it's been a while since the {very sad} last Lucksmiths shows, my heart still has yet to mend.  I had hoped they'd soon realize that the world needs more Lucksmiths songs and get back to work. With Last Leaves, three Lucksmiths members — Marty Donald, Mark Monnone and Louis Richter — and Noah Symons of Great Earthquake fame, are picking up where The Lucksmiths' First Frost left off with sweet strumming diary entries that are soft and subtle as well as charged and captivating. As they describe it:

Busily writing and rehearsing in the Dandenong Ranges, the group has found their sound coming together effortlessly and unhurriedly: at once warm and dynamic, the at-times-complex rhythms woven together by intriguing guitar and bass melodies. And after a two year hiatus, Marty Donald's songwriting pen hasn't run dry of vibrant imagery and despondent wit.

If you're like me and have already started counting down to the nonexistent release date of Last Leaves material, the band has slipped a link to hear one of Marty's acoustic demos (below) and you can read his thoughts on the new band on the Lost and Lonesome website.

And, if you've saved your pennies and are able to head to Australia to cheer them on at Last Leaves' debut performances… please send us a postcard!:

In Melbourne
Thursday March 22 — Workers Club, Fitzroy with Laura Imbruglia and Matt Bailey

Saturday March 24 — Empress Hotel, North Fitzroy with The Zebras + guests

Sunday April 1 — Union Hotel, Brunswick with Anthony Atkinson & the Running Mates

Following these dates, Last Leaves will also be performing as  special guests to The Wedding Present at their Melbourne and Sydney shows:

Friday April 13 — Sydney — Annandale Hotel, also featuring Nic Dalton & His Gloomchasers

Saturday April 14 — Melbourne — Northcote Social Club, also featuring The Sand Pebbles (SOLD OUT)

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Indie-pop abounds at the Rendezvous tonight! {6/3}

Math and Physics Club, Smittens

One final reminder about the big indie-pop extravaganza TONIGHT at the Rendezvous! The evening has morphed into a mini-popfest featuring the finest soft-core indie-pop flow:

Monnone Alone is the moniker for Mark Monnone’s post-Lucksmiths project that, as you expect, charms with Aussie DIY magnetism.

The Special Places will bring on the sweetheart pop that drips with honey and a subtle touch of vinegar to keep things interesting.

Math & Physics Club will show off their mastery of a super secret recipe of B&S / Lucksmiths-style pop.

The Smittens from Vermont will round off night with their simplistically coy lolli-pop.

Note that there aren’t any advance ticket sales, it’s all first-come, first-served to secure your spot in the cozy Jewelbox Theater and doors are at 9:30pm {more info and rad poster artwork here}.

Here’s a video sampler of what the night will hold:

Imaginary Scoop Mannone Alone Math and Physics Club Rendezvous The Lucksmiths The Smittens The Special Places

Seattle's very own one-night popfest: The Smittens, Math & Physics Club, The Special Places, Monnone Alone {ex-Lucksmiths}

A mini popfest in Seattle

The best thing about the San Francisco PopFest, besides the fabulous line-up gathered in one city over five consecutive days for the massive delight of p-fest attendees, is fact that all of those PopFest bands sometimes spread their west coast wings and, in the most wonderful of cases, travel north to visit us in Seattle.

On Friday, June 3 at the Rendezvous we have just such a migration from SF as two Seattle (and imaginary favorite) bands share a bill with two indie-popolicious artists from far away to make my one-night-mini-popfest dreams come true.

Opening the night is Monnone Alone, a band consisting of the most charming Lucksmiths’ bassist of all time, Mark Monnone {and, sometimes, a couple very talented friends}.  There has been a hole in our heart since the Lucksmiths called it quits (or how we like to remember it, put a hiccup in our happiness by hitting the ‘pause’ button), and here comes Monnone Alone to the rescue.

Next up is Seattle’s Special Places, a duo consisting of Jenny Mears and Corianton Hale from Tullycraft. They just put the finishing touches on their first ever release and, fingers crossed, we will be able to pick up the EP at the show (maybe?). Perhaps they will include an acoustic cover of “Enter Sandman” in their set?  Would any one-night-mini-popfest be complete *without* an acoustic cover of “Enter Sandman?”

Keeping the hometown vibe going will be Math & Physics Club. This is their last Seattle show before they head off to the great island across the pond to play IndieTracks (we’ve talked about how it’s our dream to go to IndieTracks, right?) and a UK tour.  It’s so neat to think that Seattle’s very own MaPC are going to play stages in Manchester, Glasgow , and London! Let’s all pat their backs and wish them well on their big trip.

Rounding out the night, Vermont’s The Smittens will take the stage and fill the room with sweet pop melodies about love, friendship, and gumdrops. I don’t think they’ve never played Seattle, so this is our first ever chance to scream for “something sassy” at the top of our lungs.

Sounds like one pop-mazing, pop-tastic, pop-ilicious, pop-derful night right?!!?


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Countdown to Bizarro: "Brassneck" by Marty Donald, Lucksmith


In an unlimited-part series, we’re going to celebrate and countdown to the upcoming Wedding Present show at the Crocodile. On Wednesday, April 21, our Balladeers for the Brokenhearted will take the stage and play their influential 1989 album, Bizarro, it its entirety from “Brassneck” to “Be Honest” and some (fingers crossed) b-sides. {Enter to win a pair of tickets to the show}

To mark this momentous event, I asked some fellow weddoes fans to share their Bizarro story, explaining what their favorite song from the album is and why.

Want to share your Bizarro story? Email your story to us at tig @ threeimaginarygirls . com with the subject line of Bizarro.

My giddiness to post today’s entry pretty much matches my excitement to see Bizarro performed in its entirety because it combines two things I love: all things Lucksmiths and all things Wedding Present. It makes perfect transitive sense that one of my favorite song writers, Marty Donald of the Lucksmiths, also adores David Gedge’s biting verses and accusative guitars.

Huge hugs and thanks to Marty Donald who sent us his “Brassneck” thoughts all the way from Australia.  I agree with him, there is little that matches the rush of adrenaline from this, the album’s first track.  Let’s all find and sign the petition to make sure the Bizarro celebration tour heads Australia’s way.


There used to be a record store at Melbourne University. A sister-store to Gaslight Music in the city, it was little more than a shoebox in a forgotten corner of the Student Union building, but it was as much a reason for me enrolling at Melbourne Uni as the old sandstone buildings and manicured lawns and the academic prestige they represented. Very soon after I got there, though, the record store shut down, and I had to find somewhere else to while away the hours between lectures. But they had a big closing sale, and the first thing I bought was a cassette (this was the early 90s) by a band I knew not much about, called The Wedding Present. The album was called Bizarro; it featured some promising song titles (“Thanks”, “What Have I Said Now?”) and understated artwork printed on nice matte card.

It was a short stroll across the aforementioned manicured lawns from the record store to the nondescript brick building that housed the English and History faculties. I put the tape in my Walkman and stepped outside.

I have listened to “Brassneck”, the album’s first track, untold hundreds of times since that day. I know it by heart: how the propulsive urgency of the toms underpins the frantic guitars; how the tambourine kicks in under the chorus; how Keith Gregory’s bass climbs as the hushed outro builds to the climax. And then, of course, there are Gedge’s words, bitter, offhand, intelligent and perfect, plunging in halfway through an argument — “No, I sent you that letter to ask you if the end was worth the means….” — before the killer payoff in the chorus: “I just decided I don’t trust you any more”.

But that first time the opening chords came crashing out of my crappy headphones, all I knew was an almost physical rush, like a thrilling surge of adrenaline — an effect that no piece of music had ever had on me before, and that none has so profoundly since. I remember standing dumbstruck in the sunshine, grinning like an idiot, probably, in the middle of the South Lawn, while I listened. No song ever sounded so right to me as “Brassneck” did just then.



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listmania continues: keenan's top 20 favorite albums of the decade

photo by trickshot photography

{Long Winters photo by Trickshot Photography}

Because I’m some kind of masochist and a total nerd, I’ve been slaving over this list, keeping it brief (harder than you’d think!) at my favorite 20 albums of the decade without duplicating a band (even harder). Side note: I’ve probably forgotten something I really, really love, so let’s just call this how I feel right this minute. These are the albums I know every note and breath of by heart and I love as complete albums with all of my soul. These are albums that in my humble opinion have no skipable track and are works of beauty in their entirety. I’d also like to point out that these are my favorite albums, as I tend to shy away from calling them “the best”, as really, it’s just my opinion, and who am I to tell you that you’re wrong for not liking these records? (Though, if you catch me in a potentially altered state, I may completely negate that and call any number of these THE GREATEST of all time and call you wrong to your face if you disagree.) I digress. Here they are!

1. More Parts Per Million – The Thermals
2. The Worst You Can Do Is Harm – The Long Winters
3. Go Ahead And Say It – Racetrack
4. Mass Romantic – The New Pornographers
5. The Coast Is Never Clear – Beulah
6. Figure 8 – Elliott Smith
7. Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lonestar State With the Power of Rock and Roll – Fishboy
8. We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes – Death Cab for Cutie
9. Warmer Corners – The Lucksmiths
10. Allison Statton – Pants Yell
11. Every Night – Saturday Looks Good to Me
12. All Hands On the Bad One – Sleater-Kinney
13. King James Version – Harvey Danger
14. Velocity of Sound – Apples in Stereo
15. Every Scene Needs A Center – Tullycraft
16. Oh, Inverted World – The Shins
17. Reconstruction Site – The Weakerthans
18. Here’s to Shutting Up – Superchunk
19. Little Chills – Darren Hanlon
20. Is This It? – The Strokes

Please feel free to post your own lists in the comments! And look out for my 50 favorite songs of the decade! (Still painstakingly working on that one!)

ballboy BOAT Bright Eyes Carissa's Wierd Clinic David and the Citizens Desaparecidos Fishboy Galactic Heroes Girl Talk Hefner Her Space Holiday Imaginary Scoop Los Campesinos! Los Halos Math and Physics Club Matt & Kim mclusky Nana Grizol Okkervil River She and Him Starlight Mints The Arcade Fire The Eames Era The Lucksmiths The Mountain Goats The Postal Service The Thermals The White Stripes Tullycraft Visqueen Wilco

imaginary liz’s favorite albums of the last decade

The Thermals by Bobby McHugh

Yesterday I divulged my favorite albums of the year. Today I am ready to let go of my latest obsession: My album recap of how I spent my 00’s.

The below listage rant is my own little time capsule to remind myself why 2000-2009 musically ruled. As with my other list posts, I’m certain I totally forgot to add something really important to my end-all-be-all-recap. It’s up to you to remind me by posting your favs of the 00’s below.

  1. Bright EyesFevers and Mirrors
  2. The ThermalsMore Parts Per Million
  3. TullycraftDisenchanted Hearts Unite
  4. Nana GrizolLove It Love It
  5. Los CampesinosHold On Now, Youngster
  6. Matt & KimGrand
  7. Her Space HolidayThe Young Machines
  8. ballboyClub Anthems
  9. The LucksmithsWhy That Doesn’t Surprise Me
  10. David & the CitizensUntil the Sadness is Gone
  11. Okkervil RiverDon’t Fall in Love with Everyone You See
  12. DesaparecidosRead Music/Speak Spanish
  13. WilcoYankee Hotel Foxtrot
  14. The White StripesWhite Blood Cells
  15. BOATSongs That You Might Not Like
  16. ClinicInternal Wrangler
  17. VisqueenMessage to Garcia
  18. Los HalosLeaving Va.
  19. Math and Physics ClubMath and Physics Club
  20. She and HimVolume 1
  21. The Galactic HeroesEvery Sidewalk
  22. FishboyAlbatross: How We Failed To Save The Lone Star State With The Power Of Rock And Roll
  23. HefnerDead Media
  24. The Mountain GoatsThe Coroner’s Gambit
  25. Carissa’s WierdSongs About Leaving
  26. The Postal ServiceGive Up
  27. Arcade FireFuneral
  28. The Eames EraDouble Dutch
  29. mcluskyMclusky Do Dallas
  30. Starlight MintsThe Dream That Stuff Was Made Of


#31-#50 (in alphabetical order)

  • – Bright EyesI’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning
  • – Bright EyesLifted or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground
  • – The CatchGet Cool
  • – The FratellisCostello Music
  • – The Go! TeamThunder, Lightning, Strike
  • – Girl TalkFeed the Animals
  • – GrandaddyThe Sophtware Slump
  • – The HivesVeni Vidi Vicious
  • – Hot Hot HeatMake Up the Breakdown
  • – The Long WintersWhen I Pretend to Fall
  • – Los Campesinos!We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
  • – Matt & KimMatt & Kim
  • – Stéphane PompougnacHotel Costes (Vol 3)
  • – The Saturday KnightsMingle
  • – The ShinsOh, Inverted World
  • – The StrokesIs This It
  • – Suburban Kids with Biblical Names#3
  • – Tegan & SarahSo Jealous
  • – The ThermalsFuckin A
  • – TullycraftBeat Surf Fun


#51-#75 (in alphabetical order)

  • – Lily AllenAlright, Still
  • – Belle & SebastianFold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
  • – Cars Can Be BlueAll the Stuff We Do
  • – CineramaDisco Volante
  • – ClearlakeCedars
  • – The Dandy WarholsThirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia
  • – The FeaturesExhibit A
  • – GorillazGorillaz
  • – The GossipStanding in the Way of Control
  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack
  • – Jarvis CockerJarvis
  • – The Long WintersThe Worst You Can Do Is Harm
  • – Miniature TigersTell It To The Volcano
  • – Noah and the WhalePeaceful, The World Lays Me Down
  • – The Pains of Being Pure at HeartThe Pains of Being Pure at Heart
  • – The PharmacyChoose Yr Own Adventure
  • – QuasiThe Sword of God
  • – The RaptureOut of the Races & Onto the Tracks
  • – The Scotland Yard Gospel ChoirThe Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
  • – Snow PatrolWhen It’s All Over We Still Have to Clear Up
  • – TelekinesisTelekinesis!
  • – The ThermalsThe Body The Blood The Machine
  • – The TrucksThe Trucks
  • – The White StripesElephant
  • – VisqueenKing Me
Tomorrow the plan is to list out my favorite locals of the decade… I wonder who will top the list?
{Photo by Bobby McHugh}

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A hiccup in your happiness: The Lucksmiths call it quits

It’s a sad sad day for Lucksmiths fans.  My day started with an email from dapper Lucksmiths bassist Mark Monnone titled “Mega sad Lucksmiths group jam” in which he proceeded to break the news that the foursome have decided to call it quits.

They are going to do a handfull of shows around their native Australia in July and August, but then… it’s… well… kaput.

It’s quite a punch to the stomach to think we’ll never again see Tali standing forefront playing drums and singing lead or the brilliant and dizzying bass playing of Mark Monnone. Some of my happiest moments have been spent untangling the whip smart lyrical twists woven by Marty Donald.  I can only hope that they will continue to sneak in some Guild League, Bowl-A-Rama, and Best Friends Group releases.  Who wants to road trip to Australia?

Here’s how it all went down:

Dear close friend of the Lucksmiths,

We’re really sad to have this news to tell and sad to tell it to you like this, but the Lucksmiths have had a beautiful run, and we’re putting them to bed for the last time. It’s not you, it’s us, so please don’t feel too bad.  We’re playing some shows in Europe in July which were already booked, and then we’re doing a victory lap of Australia in August.

We love you all, and hopefully we’ll see you soon.

This is all coming out in a press release in a couple of days, but we thought we’d mention it to you personally… in a group email.

Much love,

Marty, Marky, Tali and Louis

Imaginary Scoop Matinee The Lucksmiths

The joy of a Lucksmiths show from the comfort of… wherever you are right now

The Lucksmiths!

We love Bradley's Almanac and their recent post of MP3s covering the entire Lucksmiths set from their visit to Cambridge, Massachusetts on Sept 27th makes us heart them even more!

They were even so kind as to brake the recording up into neat MP3s and label them for our downloading ease and pleasure. The set sounds like it was stellar (much like the Seattle one blew us all away):

01. Camera Shy
02. The Music Next Door
03. Good Light
04. A Downside To The Upstairs
05. Great Lengths
06. Once Again
07. Under the Rotunda
08. A Hiccup In Your Happiness
09. The Year of Driving Languorously
10. Sunlight In Abort
11. Sunlight In A Jar
12. do or don't wop (banter)
13. A Sobering Thought (Just When One Was Needed)
14. The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco
15. T-Shirt Weather
16. Midweek Midmorning
17. encore applause
18. Transpontine

BA also posted some beautiful photos from the set on his flickr… go check those out as well.

Did I really just applaud while sitting at my dayjob desk?

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The Lucksmiths, their shows in NYC TONIGHT, and reality TV!

The Lucksmiths!

Looks like this lil tour of the Lucksmiths has brought out all kinds of folks exclaiming their praises… which means now there's more folks signing our petition to have them tour the states perpetually for the next five years (or at least take up residency in the Pacific Northwest for a year or so).

Wouldn't Marty Donald make the cutest Vivace barista ever? Or maybe they could support their NW lifestyle by having a reality show crew follow them around. A little "The Art of Making Espresso for Two" anyone? They would surely get into the sweetest of predicaments. Oh, but I digress…

In case you missed Monday's Seattle Lucksmiths stop (shame on you), you can read about it on Finest Kiss. Toby was in attendance and has a nice recap of the evening's events and setlists! (Gosh, I love fellow completists.) The Sound on the Sound folks were there too and joined our Math & Physics Club adoration society! They also posted some lovely MaPC photos as well.

On Wednesday, The Lucksmiths played with the Brunettes in Chicago. Pitchfork reports on all of the action and has some INCREDIBLE PICTURES. Oh the beauty of black and white photography.

They play New York tonight and tomorrow (oh, you New Yorkers with your battling NYC and Brooklyn scenes) and I can't capitalize and bold loudly enough that you should GO TO not one — but BOTH SHOWS… and report back… and take pictures.

And, rumor has it the Lucksmiths are looking for an opening act (and some gear to borrow) at their New Orleans stop. To our friends down South, please do jump in on that action!

In the meantime, I'll be thinking of more title and storyline proposals for the TV series.

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Best "Hey Ya" cover ever

This is so astonishing, I'm speechless. Just watch it.

Whoa. Whoa. WHOA!