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Block Party Day 2: All Your Friends Were Wasted

I started my second day off right with the gentle, soothing sounds of Babie inside Pettiroso. Babie is a solo project from Michael Lee of The Young Evils, where he’s traded his distortion pedals in for a looping psychedelic pop sound. He performed alone, playing along to pre-recorded drum tracks, filling the room with electronic […]

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HOT PICKS for Capitol Hill Block Party 2019

OH hey it’s been awhile TIGers! We’re right in the thick of festival season and I’ll be your guide for all things CHBP. It’s finally Summer again, I think? So here’s my annual reminder to STAY HYDRATED KIDS, and don’t forget to sunscreen up while you’re out there broiling on Pike street. Without further ado, […]

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Seattle Public Library Playback - Seattle Music Initiative

Seattle Public Library makes finding your next favorite Seattle band 100 times easier

Another reason to LOVE Seattle + our wonderful public library + the Seattle music scene: The Seattle Public Library recently launched the second round of their PlayBack initiative! NOW the amount of amazing local music at your fingertips (For FREE) has doubled – from 50 to 100 albums. As with the first round of Playback […]

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