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The Thermals at Bumbershoot 2010 - Photo credit: Steve Louie

My love of everything Thermals began the first time I heard Hutch Harris sing the line “EVERYTHING THERMALS” – and has only intensified in three and four shades of purple since then (which all sounds weird if you haven’t listened to that song on repeat – which you should remedy right now).

We here in Seattle are spoiled by the fact that the Portland trio lives so close and visits our fine city on a respectable basis. But, no matter how many times we get to see them live, they always leave us wanting more.

The Thermals recently released a new album (We Disappear – on Saddle Creek, a match made in heaven) that takes me back to their early albums – it’s direct and unforgiving with crackles and speed and is beautifully rough around the edges.

The songs are amped up and unforgiving, steadfast without remorse. They add the Pacific Northwest filter to their brand of alt-indie-punk – wearing their sexy handcrafted hearts on their sleeves, putting our loves and fears into words and melodies. With each bang of the drum and thick bass line, they show they care – offering friendship, inspiration, and comfort.

This is all to say that the Thermals are everything… and seeing them perform their songs live is a magic event.

They will be at Neumos on Thursday, May 12 with two bands worth arriving early for: Wimps and Dude York.


Top photo: The Thermals at Bumbershoot 2010 – Photo credit: Steve Louie