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Bright Eyes 101 - the Beginner's Guide to the best songs by Conor Oberst

A beginner’s guide to Conor Oberst: 32 of the best songs by Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos, and more

A year after I moved to Seattle, a long time friend visited me in my new home city. The night he arrived, Bright Eyes and Her Space Holiday (neither a band I had ever heard of) performed at the Paradox and my friend said both bands were great and we should go. He was right. […]

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The Bright Eyes news I've been waiting for: new album and shows in 2011

{Photo by Etching A. Sketch from the Imaginary Flickr Photo Pool} It’s been a while since the last Conor Oberst release (“a while” by Conor Oberst standards). So, for the past year I’ve lived in fear that there was a new album, tour, or collaboration announced and I didn’t know about it. Now I know […]

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Elephant Shell


The great thing about TPC is that they are perpetually like a new boyfriend or girlfriend: when you listen to their songs, you just feel plain excited and love them for what they are, and don’t immediately associate them with some other band. Lead singer/bassist David Monks’ vocals are halfway between drunken slurring and a […]

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