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Coffee with a Rockstar: The Divorce

{The Divorce. Photo by Breanne Koselke.} Some of Three Imaginary Girls’ favorite (and some infamous) moments of the first five years of our tiny lil web existence (from 2002-2007) involve The Divorce. Over the course of an introductory EP, two full-length albums (2003’s There Will Be Blood Tonight and 2005’s The Gifted Program), and countless […]

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New Divorce Songs!

Just when we thought they were winding down, the Divorce go and post new (UNRELEASED) tracks on their MySpace! There’s four new tracks in all and I imagine you just might hear these live at their farewell shows on June 30th (all ages show at 4p, 21+ at 9p). Go listen and prep for the last hurrah. Now when […]

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The Divorce's friendly divorce

The Divorce have called it quits! Rather than a melodramatic email to their mailing list or blogging on their MySpace, the Divorce announced this end of an era with a wee little note on the Crocodile calendar on the listing of their June 30th show. Subtle, but so sad. There's an all-ages and 21+ show. […]

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Sirens Sister, Siberian, and The Divorce at the Croc

Show Date: September 16, 2006

The Seattle music scene clearly has some unsung heroes, and the behind-the-scenes supastar for tonight's show was clearly Martin Feveyear. In addition to producing one of my favorite Northwest releases of last year (Slender Means' Neon and Ruin) and about, oh I don't know, a zillion other records, Martin has the distinct honor of having […]

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Allalom — We Make Our Own Mistakes, Vol. 1


What makes a good compilation? Unlike mixtapes, compilation albums don't generally have a central theme, and they only offer a taste of each band on the record. I figure the way to judge a compilation is by the number of great songs that are really worth listening to. In the case of We Make Our […]

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SXSW 2006 Preview

Show Date: March 16, 2006

The Three Imaginary Girls posse is heading south and partaking all that is South by Southwest. For years, we've heard recounts of the good times and once in a lifetime showcases. Folks, we are beyond excited to experience it for ourselves. My head has been reeling with each 10 page highlighted print out igLiz hands […]

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Three Imaginary Girls Best Northwest Releases of 2005 Readers' Poll Results {20-11}

{50-41} * {40-31} * {30-21} * {20-11} * {10-1} {top 100} * {imaginary picks} #20 Math and Physics Club — Weekends Away/Movie Ending Romance EPs (Matinée) Blending the equal parts Belle & Sebastian, Magnetic Fields, and The Lucksmiths, this Seattle band write songs to comfort the saddest of hearts, or skip with the gleeful. Without […]

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